A Return to Wholeness

Are you ready for a dramatic shift?  Are your blocks making you sick? We've all been there - something's not right.  You know what it is. You weren't ready to deal with it. Now, you are ready to deal with it. All the anger, all the emotions, all the crap--is coming out. Maybe it's come up before, and maybe you chipped away at the edges of it.  But now, something's different.  You're ready to say Yes! to a whole other layer of peace around it.  

That's where we come in:  Stephanie Larson, dynamic healer and creator of Awakened by Stephanie, and Barret Hedeen, creator of The Witness Energy Healing, are intuitives who guide people through the issues in their lives into a greater state of flow and ease.  We are ready to support you through some powerful introspective healing work!  With great compassion and profound presence, we will lead you into and through the blocks--whole emotional fields that have been taking over your existence, that you are ready to be done with NOW.  You are ready to be done with them, aren't you?  

The Return to Wholeness workshop will take place from 1pm to 5pm on Saturday, January 3rd at Crystal River Gifts, 310 N LaFox Street, South Elgin, IL.  Workshop fee is $149.  Give yourself the gift of peace. Isn't it about time?

Call 847-951-6328 to sign up!

Soul Mentoring
Monthly Healing Class to Deepen Your Spiritual Journey

You Will Learn to Let Go of the Past and Align Yourself to the Future by Journeying Deeply into the Now!  We all have those things that we do that get in our own way.  Through identifying and healing these old beliefs and patterns, you will clear the path to accomplishing your dreams.  Using essential techniques, including meditations, breathwork, healing techniques and heart-centered fun, Soul Mentoring will help you free your inner child and learn more about your Higher Self!  
Let’s make 2015 your year of achievement and evolution!

Urban Escape Healing Studio
1049 N. Ashland Ave
Chicago, IL 
Saturday, January 17th 
1 to 5 pm

$50 Workshop Fee 
Sign up by Jan 12th and receive 2 free 10-min phone readings: one each from Barret and Starla!

Call 847-951-6328 to sign up or visit:

A Soul's Journey - Uncovering Your Past Lives

What things have you experienced before this life?  What influences do they have on you presently?  Where were you before you were here?  Our past lives provide the backstory to the life we are living here.  The more we know about them, the more we know about ourselves. 

Barret has been assisting souls like yourself in seeing more of themselves, as the creator of The Witness Energy Healing, a healing system based on non-duality.  In this experiential time together, you will explore what karma has led to the experience that you are now having, with the goal of coming to release it and know your true self, one of love and of peace.

Tuesday, January 13th
7pm to 8:30pm

Infinity Foundation
1282 Old Skokie Rd
Highland Park, IL 60035

Free workshop!

Developing Your Psychic Abilities, Level One

This course, led by Barret Hedeen and the very talented Ms. Starla is designed to heighten your intuitive skills and help you fine-tune your connection to the divine. During these five weeks, you will learn how to differentiate between personal projections and actual psychic impressions.  The aura and the chakras will be explored - what they mean and how to experience and manage them in your highest interest.  We will be exploring where healing energy comes from and how to set solid intentions for creating a safe place to allow such high vibrations to be present. Between classes, you will practice the new techniques and share your experiences together. During the classes, you will pair off and share in fun activities and do readings with one another. We will talk about the different type of energies how they correlate to different parts of the body and incorporate meditations that will aid you in coming to experience them. By the end of these five classes, you will understand where your psychic strengths and weaknesses are and how to build upon this knowledge and let it work for you. 

Urban Escape Healing Studio
1049 N. Ashland
Chicago, IL
New Class Coming Soon!

Weekend of Freedom Retreat

Imagine love, laughter and miracles in an idyllic setting in the Northern Michigan Pigeon River Forest. Colors will be at their peak for the Weekend of Freedom Retreat being held October 2-5, 2014, at Song of the Morning Ranch. Over a dozen nationally known and beloved teachers, mostly of A Course in Miracles, will present talks and workshops, including Jon Mundy, Tony Senf, Barret Hedeen, Lorri Coburn, Joe Wolfe, Jim White, Lisa Ryan, Josh Dolecki, Hank Roth, Jamie McKibben, Dan and Carol Maynard and Tony George. Other highlights include a bonfire, time for rest and being in nature.  Join us for the fun and the experience!  

Thank you for a beautiful time!  Everyone who came made this such a beautiful time of spirit and fun!  We are putting together the details for next year's retreat.

Find out more at www.weekendoffreedomretreat.com!

Talking About A Course in Miracles Online

I am not currently leading a session at Awakening Together.  However, many great teachers are there spreading a message of love.  If you're interested, check out awakening-together.org.  For instructions on how to access the online sanctuary, visit: http://awakening-together.org/info-about-our-gathering-room/gathering-room-how-do-i-access-the-room/

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